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Please purchase your fishing ticket from the Sportfish Shop by Haywards Lake and if you have any enquiries please contact their staff on:

0118 9303860

sportfish-reading @sportfish.co.uk


Michael and Betty Stratton opened Haywards Farm Trout Fishery in March 2000 and developed beautiful lake waters and landscape perfect for Trout fishing and has been enjoyed by thousands of fly fishing enthusiasts over the past 16 years.

Sadly Michael passed away in November 2014, leaving his legacy to be managed by his family. The family would like to announce that Haywards Farm fishery is now under new management which is Farlows, SportFish which is located on the lakeside. Their management of the fishery starts on the 9th May 2016. They will be open 7 days per week.

Thanks all you fly fishing folk for visiting Us at Haywards Farm Fishery and its goodbye from us but we do hope you continue to enjoy the fishery under its new management.

Haywards Farm is more than just a trout fishery, it is an established venue which aims to provide the best in trout fishing. It can facilitate the modern and traditional needs of fly fishers of today.

Set in 45 acres of tranquil Berkshire countryside, Haywards Farm Fishery offers two crystal clear lakes and has abundant fly life, beautiful full tailed fish and landscaped banks which give excellent access and the opportunity to enjoy unimpeded casting.

Other benefits include:

London less than 40mins away - easy commuting links

Fishing suitable for Beginners and Advanced

Top Fly Fishing Tuition and Fly Fishing Shop On-Site provided by ‘Sports Fish Ltd’

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